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May 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
they have their craigslist robert in custody. investigators believe david brown was posting fake ads on the site. robbing them of cash and valuables at gunpoint when i got there. police say when they arrested him today, brown was using a public computer at a library downtown. investigators believe brown may have been trying to lure and another victim when they nabbed him. >> state police say the autopsies have shown that the man and two teenage sons found dead died of asphyxia. the 48-year-old was found dead yesterday morning. the bodies were discovered in a maneuver. on a dairy farm. the medical examiners say the injuries were accidental and caused by heavy farming machinery. authorities have identified the marines found dead in his paris yesterday. the 19-year-old from north carolina was on active duty. he had been assigned to the defense information school since february. the cause of death remains unclear. the naval criminal investigative service is looking into the incident. >> george you believe is -- hug ely is appealing his sentence. defense attorneys asked the sentence be se
May 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
-- the 90-year-old instructor helen brown has been here since the beginning. , anyone who is commo able. >> she taught music for 35 years. today she is at the helm of the renaissance koreas, a group made up of -- -- tenors,, tanners commo altos, and basses. >> she called a teacher inspirational. >> she is music itself, and she loves it all, and she loves all of us, and we love her. >> she is remarkable, and she is very enthusiastic of everything she does. >> helen brown is also humble. she claims it is the music that is invigorating. >> my daughter says, do not ever give up, so i keep going. >> her daughter is right. ?ou thought things were banned things are about to get a little worse, starting thursday. a emergency closures are this weekend. all northbound lanes will be detoured from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. onat will put motorists da jfx. the five million-dollar traffic improvement allows for two directions, allowing cars to turn left in traffic. it will be closed starting early may. it should be completed by sometime in late summer. >> does something you throw away still belong to
May 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
for the shooting death of leslie browne. brown was working as a part-time security officer. he threw williams act of the restaurant. williams came back later. >>> a planet is in place to find a successor to the outgoing police commissioner. they're using a panel of experts and an outside source to conduct research. they will search for the person who best fits that position. one woman says they would like to see a replacement chosen prior to departure, which is slated for august. >> there is no verdict in the trial. jurors will continue deliberation tomorrow morning. she is accused of trying to suppress the african-american vote in the 2010 election by issuing a call saying democrats had already won. he blamed his coat-defendant, who was accused of similar charges. >>> city officials the roar of indycar engines will still go up. michael andretti has signed on to help manage the event in baltimore. they will arrange sponsorships, p.r., hospitality, and ticket sales. they are also responsible for the track. >> it is an exceptional deal with a good promoter. you have a legitimate chance of success a
May 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
another turn on jets as if the course knew exactly where the finish line was. big brown won the first two legs in 2008. jerry sandusky caught up with the trainer of i'll have another. >> as cool as john harbaugh was, this might be equal if not a little bit better. meeting harbaugh was an awesome carrel, but this was incredible. this is the super bowl of course racing. the derby, the preakness, now off to new york. >> is 15 minutes or expended on this day. how about a rematch? >> will we see them battle one more time? we'll have that story coming up. >> the preakness festival was not confined to the magic. more than one of the thousand people -- 100,00 people had a stunning and extravagant habits. early risers flocked to the infield. room five was the halftime entertainment. -- maroon 5 was the entertainment. you can catch highlights online at see behind the scenes pictures, exclusive of video, and a video from years past. it is all on click on "preakness." >> the weather here was perfect for the preakness. the south carolina coast, not so perfect. a storm developed
May 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
it off brown and down. no icing here. zidlicky with 4:20 gone in the first sudden overtime period. >> eddie: robinson is absolutely apoplectic on the bench. they waved one off. he was just screaming at the linesman. >> mike: 20 consecutive years in the playoffs. 20 consecutive years in the nhl. 18 with montreal, two with los angeles. >> eddie: one of the top seven defensemen at all time. would you agree? >> mike: and the outstanding plus/minus player in history. no one close. no one probably going to get close. scuderi cancelled out by gionta. ponikarovsky. kovalchuk holding. firing one. that was directed wide. moving in is salvador. to the corner. ponikarovsky back to him. salvador around behind. kovalchuk with it there. run into by kopitar. kopitar led it off a. if you have the puck you could be hit. it's what's been happening all night long between the two teams and in every playoff game. the nature of the sport. controlled now by dustin brown and led across for doughty to bring on. the canadian olympian brought it back. harassed there by nolan. turning the other way with it is
May 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the regular season. patrick to steven kelly to carter brown for the score. plenty of offense. plenty of grounds, too. ryan finds him for the left- handed rocket. the easily knockoff st. paul this afternoon 16-3. stick around, tam tasselmyer with a look at the seven day forecast. >> some more unsettled weather will showers tonight, tomorrow. thursday will start to see the clouds clearing up but still a lingering showers. highs in the '60s on thursday and friday. 70's on saturday morning. 41 degrees. overall, a nice weekend because the sunday rain does not get here until late in the day. >> finally, before we go, a salute to a fabulous man behind the camera. there he is. he has been here for 45 years. he came here when he was 19 after somebody from wbal said when anybody like a job? he said, i would. he started as a film editor became the longest acting floor director in our history. in case you're wondering, i am a believer was the tops on. remember that song? come on. this is the last chance we get to torture you. that is said. good n
May 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
brown hair and mustache. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. >> several residents in south baltimore come. -- continue the unimaginable clean up after several inches of sewage came spilling out into their home. the back of which affected several homes in the 3700 block was caused by a blockage in an age inch cigar line. dpw said their responsibility is limited when it comes to helping residents because of liability. >> where are responsible for pumping the water down. when we get that down to about an inch, the homeowners can call their insurance company. >> many people have made plans to or have filed claims with the city pose a lot department for things that were ruined like furniture and clothing. >> more documents made public in the trayvon martin shooting case. this is a never before seen image, george is a lemon with blood under his nose and a small cut on his hand. he said he acted in self-defense when he shot trayvon martin in february. also mentioned within the pages, the teenager's autopsy showing he had marijuana in his system that night he was killed an
May 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
weekend. we will stay in the 60's overnight. the freshly more recent brown will likely produce a little bit of patchy fog in the morning. -- the freshly moistened ground. high pressure builds over the southwest and the front will dissipate. still enough heat for a thunderstorm or two and maybe even friday. the high pressure to the west will be the main weather feature as we get into the weekend, and it will bring a touch of summer heat. 91 was the high in kansas city, 89 in minneapolis. our temperatures will be rising into the weekend. 78-82 tomorrow with southeast winds, and a thunderstorm popping up tomorrow. otherwise it should be a pretty nice day on the open waters with waves of only about a foot. 60% chance of storms and amounts to more but then it starts to quieten down as the memorial day weekend gets here. eastern shore, low to mid-8's the next few days. ocean city has not had a bunch of rain, but scattered storms will be possible thursday and friday. the rest of memorial day weekend out at the coast should be pretty nice. the sea breeze will kick in each afternoon. the tempera
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8